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Natural Indian Stone

Mint Fossil Indian Sandstone Paving

Quality Natural Stone sourced from around the globe for its colour, texture and character to create the definitive Castacrete range..
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Paving Stowell Premium PavingStowell Concrete is an independent manufacturer with over 50 years experience in the production and supply of an extensive range of outdoor concrete products, the name of Stowell has become associated with quality and value-for-money.
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Bradstone Paving

Bradstone Old Town PavingBradstone is one of the leading manufacturers of reconstituted stone and natural stone products for use in the garden. There is a wide choice of colours, sizes, shapes and styles of product to appeal to all tastes and budgets, including many unique patio feature kits and circular patio paving.
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Castacrete Paving

Castacrete’s Premier Riven paving (450x450mm) is the cheapest paving we currently supply, offering exceptional value for money. In addition, one of our best selling paving is Stonecraft Premier Riven in a choice of three colours.
The Stonecraft Rutland range, has some beautiful weathered paving slabs available in six different sizes. Circles and patio packs are also available.
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