Stay Safe using Concrete!

When skin is in contact with fresh concrete, skin irritations are likely to occur owing to the alkaline nature of cement. The abrasive effects of sand and aggregate in the concrete can aggravate the condition. Potential effects range from dry skin, irritant contact dermatitis, to – in cases of prolonged exposure- severe burns.

Take precautions to avoid dry cement entering the eyes, mouth & nose when Dust Maskmixing concrete by wearing suitable protective clothing.

Take care to prevent fresh concrete from entering boots and use working methods that do not require personnel to kneel in fresh concrete. Unlike heat burns, cement burns might not be felt until some time after contact with fresh concrete, so there might be no warning of damage occurring.

If cement or concrete enters the eye, immediately wash it out thoroughly with clean water and seek medical treatment without delay. Wash wet concrete off the skin immediately. Barrier creams may be used to supplement protective clothing but are not an alternative means of protection.